Wildlife in Kidepo Valley National Park

Wildlife in Kidepo Valley National Park – Kidepo Valley national park is a lovely calm wild frontier located in the rocky Karamoja region in the far Northeastern part of Uganda. It covers a total area of 1,442sq km and is the most remote national park, a reason why it is the least visited park in Uganda. It is a highly exceptional destination where travelers that want to enjoy real wilderness go. Tourists who visit the park overwhelmingly fall in love with the tranquility, vast savannah plain back dropped by beautiful hills, the wildlife in the park and the fact that it doesn’t have big crowds of visitors. The long distance to the park offers a great experience of the different people, landscapes and more things seen along the way.

We may not talk about Kidepo valley national park among the parks with a long list and large numbers of wildlife but the animals, birds and plants are really amazing. Alongside with the people (Karimojongs), wondrous sceneries and the breathtaking landscapes, watching the wildlife in Kidepo Valley National Park is one of a kind African Safari experience.

Kidepo valley national park has about 80 mammal species. In Uganda, this is the only park with cheetahs though they are occasionally seen. Other animals in the park include lions, leopards, zebras, striped hyenas, Jackson’s hartebeest, buffaloes, African Bush elephant, bush pigs, warthogs, bush duiker, elands and Rothschild giraffe among others. It also has small cats including Kangoni, spotted hyena and side-stripped jackals.

Kidepo Valley national park is a home to rare species of animals such as Kavirondo bush babies, Guenther’s Dik Dik, White-tailed Mangoose and Senegal Galago.

There are numerous birds in this park and some of the species seen in the park include ostriches, Brown-backed woodpecker, Little green bee-eater, Mosque swallow, Pygmy Falcon, Slate-colored boubou and many more.

Wildlife in Kidepo Valley National Park