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Zambia is of the best African Safari destinations famously known for having high quality lodges and camps, well trained and professional guides as well as providing great-value Zambia safari trips.

Leopard in South Luangwa

Zambia is a popular Africa destination for walking Safaris, with the Luangwa Valley being the most visited park for walking safaris. Zambia has over 12 Safari parks and reserves, however the most popular ones include the Luangwa Valley consisting of North Luangwa National Park and South Luangwa National Park, the beautiful and scenic Lower Zambezi National Park as well as the wild Kafue National Park.

Zambia Safaris have over the years become popular due to the fact that the tourism industry in Zambia has grown with the improvement in the quality of camps and lodges and with more Safari operators coming up to market and sell Zambia Safari tours.

The Victoria Falls, the most visited tourist attraction in Africa are found along the Zimbabwe and Zambia border and thus shared by these two countries. Zambia currently competes with Zimbabwe for the title of “Africa’s Adventure capital”

One of the biggest tourist activities you should not miss while on a Zambia Safari in Luangwa is the night safari. The leopard sightings during a night game drive in Luangwa valley are very high and therefore if you are enthusiastic about the big cats, Zambia is one of the best places on Africa to enjoy the big cats.

Wildlife to look out for while on a Zambia Safari

Zambia is one of the best destinations to see the African big five namely: The buffaloe, Elephant, Lions, Leopards and Rhinos. Other wildlife you will enjoy seeing while on a Zambia Safari include the wild dogs, cheetahs, the lechwe antelope common wetlands, and several other impressive wildlife species.

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Best time of the year to go for a Zambia Safari

The best time to go for a Zambia Safari is during the dry season period of May, June, July, August, September and October. During this time, the place is dry and the animals are easy to find in large numbers near water holes. Also during this period, the grass is short and it’s easy to spot wildlife even from far. On the other hand, during the wet season, many roads are cutoff, the grass is long and the animals spread out. Some parks even close down save for the South Luangwa national Park.

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Zambia Safari

Complete guide to Zambia safari tours, hotels, tour operators, attractions and things to do in Zambia

Zambia is a land-locked country in Southern Africa, the country is referred as the Republic of Zambia. The neighbouring countries are the DRC to the north, North-East Tanzania, West Malawi, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, south Botswana and Namibia, and west Angola. Lusaka is the city of Zambia and covers the districts of central and south part of the country. In the south Lusaka and the northwest region of Copperbelt is populated mostly by the citizens.

In many parts around Zambia, the topography of the country is mainly situated in a high plateau area between 910 meters and 1.370 meters above sea level, and in the Northeast, mountain ranges of 1800 meters are also found. The climate is tropical modified on the basis of the altitude of the country in a given period of time and small patches in the south west, the climate is semiarid in most parts of the country as in the South and the Central.

Zambia prides in offering the wide range of attractions that has drawn many visitors in to the country, the various attractions, has generated a wide range of activities for the visitors visiting the country. The countries attractions range from the wildlife which is influenced by the vast national parks in the country, rivers and lakes, tradition and culture of the people of Zambia has created a great impact in to the country, water falls among others.  Zambia boasts 19 national game parks, including the Kafue National Park, Africa’s largest game reserve, and the South Luangwa, known as one of Africa’s premier wildlife destinations. Zambia and Zimbabwe’s borders meet at one of the natural wonders of the world, the Victoria Falls, and one of the largest man-made lakes, Lake Kariba. Zambia safaris, offers more attractions and several activities to do, some of the activities, are listed below.

 Lower Zambezi National Park

Lower Zambezi national park is so very popular compared to the other national parks, but the most interesting part a bout this park is that, it has got number of wild animals although its nit as diversified as the other national parks in the southern part, but still it offers tourists an opportunity to view the animals at a close range moving about in the park. the Lowe Zambezi national park, is situated along the Zimbabwe opposite the Mana Pools Reserve in Zimbabwe where by the whole area of all the sides of Zimbabwe, is covered by the stunning wildlife Sanctuary the animals seen around these area include; elephants, buffalos, hippos, crocodiles, fish eagles, the open landscape, offers you an opportunity to view the rolling hills, Zambezi channels, different tree species, the vast flourishing forest among others. The wide range of attractions, has created number activities offered in the park including; game viewing, boat cruise, hunting, fishing, camping activities for the visitors who would like to take part in camping.

Lower Zambezi National park, offers a lot of accommodation facilities for the visitors, the lodges are situated in Chiawa and Chirindu towns, the lodges range from luxury, mid-range accommodation for the clients,

South Luangwa National Park

 Situated along the African Rift Valley, South Luangwa National park, is one of the famous national parks in the world. The park is situated at the eastern side of Zambia covering an area of 9,059 km2. In 1938, the park started as a game reserve and by 1972, it was established in to a national park due to the increasing number of animals which called for a need to gazette a larger area that would be adequately enough to conserve the animals in the forest. The park harbours a lot of animals with over 60 animals seen roaming around the Luangwa river. This is one of the best spots for animal viewing in the park since they come in river to drink water , swim and to grass around, the animal seen here include the hippos, elephants, giraffes among others and over 400 recorded bird species which has enabled the bird watching activities around the park. the park is also covered by different vegetation types and different tree species such as Ebony, Baobabs among others. Visitors in the park, can engage in the following activities game viewing, walking safaris, nocturnal game drives among others.

South Luangwa National Park, has a variety of lodges and campsites situated along the edges of the Luangwa river which offers visitors with stunning views of the lake and also you will view some of the animals coming to the river to drink water. The lodges here are categorised in to budget, mid-range, and luxury lodges therefore, it all depends on the interest of the visitor, the type of the lodge he/she would prefer, some of the lodges include; Tena Tena, Luangwa Safari House, Chinzombo among others.

Luangwa National park, is open to visitors all year round. But the dry months from May to October are considered the best time of the year for animal viewing reason being that, the animals concentrate in areas that have the existing water like rivers, waterholes which is the best spot for animal viewing.

Luangwa National park, can be accessed either by air or road transport, there domesticated chartered flights offering trips to Lusaka, Livingstone and Lilongwe. You will fly to Mfuwe and then the representative/ guide from the lodge, will pick you up and then transfer you park which takes about 30 min drive. There also public transport and hire services that will help connect you to the park.

Kafue National Park

Kafue National Park is one of Zambia’s oldest national park, the park is found in the central province of Zambia covering an area of about 22,400km2 making the park od the largest national parks in the world. It’s one of the best places you ought not to miss during any of your safari visits in Zambia. The park boosts in a number of attractions including the large number of wildlife, such as the antelopes, hartebeests among others. The park also offers a lot of activities to the visitors visiting the park, the visitors have an opportunity to participate in any of the activities of their choice, activities here include game viewing, bird watching among others. The park also offers a number of accommodation facilities where the visitors can stay in during any of their safari visits in to the national park. the lodges are situated both in and outside the park.

Livingstone Museum

The Livingstone Museum, is the biggest and the oldest museum in Zambia. The Museum was established in 1934 and its manged by the National Museums Board of Zambia. The Museum holds the remains of Dr. Livingstone’s most significant memorise, including original charts/maps and personal possessions and diaries. It’s one of the In the great places to visit in case you need to know the history of Zambia the Museum houses the gallery of archaeology which is the human and cultural growth of the Zambian population, and exhibitions of Zambia and its different cultures, the Gallery of history (a tale by the Banteu people who immigrated from northern Zambia to Zambia before Zambia became independent) offers insights into the cultural legacy and past of Zambia as well as the region. A memorial to the adventurer is outside the building.

Lake Tanganyika

Lake Tanganyika is Africa’s second largest lake in the world, Lake Tanganyika, is shared by some of the easy African countries namely; Burundi, RDC, Tanzania and Zambia. The lake stretches over an area of 32,900 square km, a size of 677 km and a depth of nearly 50 km making it one of the deepest and longest lakes in the world. During your safari visit in Lake Tanganyika, you will experience events such as game watching, snorkelling with plenty of fish, even discover and experience yourself by water sports such as hiking, surfing, sailing, boating, kite surfer, kayaking and scuba diving.

Kasanka National Park

Kasanka National park, is one of the National parks, located on the south western edge of lake Bangweulu basin in Zambia. The park is the smallest among all the national parks in Zambia covering an area of 450km2, Kasanka national park, is situated within the central province in Serenje district. The park is endowed with over 114 animal species such as Zebras, hippopotamus, impala warthog, African buffalo, jackal, African leopard and eland. And also harbours over 330 bird species, the parks are situated at about 260sqkm which makes it the smallest of Zambia’s savannah national game parks. The park is popular for the largest migration of giant bats, the migration happens every October with over 10 million bats migrating.

Ngonye Falls.

Nyonge Falls also known as Sioma Falls located nearer to Sioma village that’s how the falls, derived its name. these falls are stunning and offer a great view while there, the falls are a bit far and difficult to reach thus it requires one taking 2-3 days to reach the falls.  Getting there, The Ngonye Falls are primarily spectacular owing to the sheer volume of water cascading over the 20meter falls. An interesting aspect is that on either side of the falls the river flows underneath the rock. It’s quite interesting to stand on them, sense the underwater river and hear it. Getting to the falls is quite challenging but one can take the road from Lusaka to Sioma village where you will take a night there are several lodges in place that offers accommodation to the visitors.

Ngonye falls can be viewed at any time of the year, but it is best to visit during the dry season for  anyone involved in wildlife watching between July and November, as water level is low and many animals are always close to the banks of rivers which makes it an easy viewing spot for the animals in the park. Those who engage in fun rafting events are advised to find the water levels months as from February to May. During any of your safari visits in Zambia, try not to miss out on the trip to Ngonye falls, its worth it, the falls are full of exciting activities and life changing experience and ever lasting memory of your safari visits in Zambia.

Western Province or Barotseland

This is a secluded province situated on the Angolan border, in the place, is where will find the Liuwa Plains National Park in Zambia. The western province is famous for the wildebeest migration, during this time, the visitors here have a chance to observe the second largest migration of wildebeest this is mostly experienced in November, it is a wonderful experience tourist can witness the famous Kuomboka dance held every year by the Lozi community. The date of the ritual varies more often depending on the conclusion of the rainy season. Visitors visiting this place, are advised not to interact with the locals due to the political instability that was experienced in the area.

Lusaka National Museum

The Lusaka National Museum is situated in the capital city of Zambia, the museum was established in 1996 for the purpose of keeping the country’s culture and history. The museum, houses galleries displaying cultural, ethnographic and archaeological displays of urban culture and Zambian history. The museum is one of the best places to visit while in Zambia, its both visited by the locals and the foreigners visiting the country for tourism activities.

Compound visits

You will led by the guide around the community where you will meet the natives staying in the neighbourhood, the walk will lead to the major two compounds that is the Kalingalinga and Bauleni where you will interact with the locals and also get to their ways of life in the country side.

Saturday Dutch Market

This market is always open every last Saturday in the month where the Dutch Reformed Church has art and crafts on the market filled with different people from Zambia and elsewhere coming to this market. It’s a great opportunity if you visit this place, you’ll have the opportunity to communicate with many locals, hear how they function and sample various ethnic food. The market in the Arcades centre in Lusaka is also open on Sundays, less than the Holland Market, but it’s still a great experience. You’ll even know how to bargain, since most vendors offer price discount if you negotiate.