Are you wondering what is the best time to visit Zambia? Here is the detailed analysis about when to go for a Zambia Safari:

The best time to visit Zambia for a Safari is during the dry season months of May, June, July, August, September and October. During this period the walking safaris/ game viewing safaris offer great chances of spotting the animals.

What to expect on a Zambia tour Month by Month

Zambia Safari in January.

January is the peak of the rainy season in Zambia. This is a good month for those interested in a Zambia birding safari given that large flocks of migratory birds can be spotted in most national parks during this period. There are usually heavy showers, the vegetation is green and the scenery is beautiful and its also calving season for most of the herbivores.

Zambia Safari in February.

During February, rain is expected throughout the month. The Bushes are overgrown and walking / boating safaris kick off.

Zambia Safari in March.

March is usually the final month of the rainy season. During this time, the Victoria Falls is in full flow, there are several newborn antelopes to spot.

Zambia Safari in April