The best to visit Zimbabwe is during the dry season, in the months on mid-May, June, July, august, and September. During this season travelers can easily spot a lot of wildlife animals that gather at the water collection points and river to wash off their thirsty. The wildlife that is easily spotted in numbers during the dry season includes; the huge population of elephants, buffaloes, hippos and crocodiles sunbathing among others. This can easily be experienced in the national parks of Hwange and Mana pool national park on river Zambezi.

Although January in Zimbabwe is known as a wet month and it is a month of rain, it can be the best season for some travelers due to its uniqueness that travelers will encounter when they travel in this month. In the month of January, this is when travelers can enjoy viewing newborn wildebeests and zebras which are worth a visit on the open plains of the parks.

January is a low season where prices in Zimbabwe are low thus being the best time to visit especially to low budget travelers. The month is great for bird watching experiences as travelers will enjoy viewing cranes and waterfowls constructing their new nests. It is the best time for white water rafting sports activity and since it is a low season, there are fewer crowds in almost all the tourism destination and reserves.

The temperatures in January are hot during day time with an average temperature of 30 degrees Celsius, and in the night hours the temperatures are cold with an average total of about 16 degrees Celsius.

In January, the roads leading to safari destinations are muddy and slippery; some lodges have closed due the fact that there is no business, wildlife game viewing is difficult to the overgrown vegetation and travelers are destructed by the heavy unpredictable rains which is characterized by the thunderstorms.