Zimbabwe is also known popular destination spot for the bird watching experience to all travelers who are birders. The country is a home to over 640 bird species which are situated in the different destinations of the country. birding safaris in Zimbabwe are popular in the months of November and April as there are several migratory birds.

Birds of Zimbabwe – Red Billed Spur Fowl

Some of the bird watching destination is Nyanga national park and is characterized by nearer endemic bird species which include Robert-s warbler, Chirinda apalis, gurney’s sugarbird Woodward’s’ batis, melodious lark, swee, waxbill, lemon-breasted canary other bird specials include, the African pitta, boulder chat, Bradfield’s hornbill, cinnamon-breasted tit, African skimmer, bronzy sunbird, blue-mantled crested flycatcher, ayre’s hawk eagle, Rufous-bellied tit, Roberts’s warbler, peter’s twinspot, cabanis bunting, red-faced crimson wing, rocket-tailed roller, Livingstone’s turaco among others.

The best time for viewing birds is during the wet season when is plenty of food for birds thus it becomes very easy to spot a number of bird species calling in the various bird destinations. It is during the wet season that travelers can be able to enjoy viewing the migratory birds. The bird destinations in Zimbabwe include, Hwange national park, Zambezi valley, man pools national park, Nyanga national park, Matobo national park.